Keep shoes looking new for longer with Mayyarani HeelSleeves

The Mayyarani Collection

"Wouldn't it be great if...?"

Every now and then, in the midst of a lightbulb moment, little bright-spark ideas are born. The Mayyarani collection of personal innovations is inspired by my unique challenges, and features some of my most special discoveries and previously-loved items picked up during a lifetime of adventure and global exploration. 

With love, Umayya 

Why use HeelSleeves?


HeelSleeves are re-usable and recyclable!

Unlike other heel protectors, a single pair can go a long way to protecting almost any  high heel shoes. They’re not permanently applied and can be transferred to other heels in seconds. Use them to protect new shoes or hide existing unsightly scuffs on old shoes.


HeelSleeves are universal!

They fit around thin and chunky heel sizes, plus they hug stilettos of any shape – round or square. They’re suitable for high heels with a circumference of 30-60mm.


HeelSleeves are super-easy to clean!

Rinse them under cold water and use a dot of soap to remove stubborn dirt. Use a tissue or cloth to pat them dry. Do not blow-dry or machine wash.