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Fashionista with an eco-friendly conscience? Let's lessen textile waste by repurposing glamorous dresses, because being wasteful isn't part of our nurturing nature.

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This is great! It's a simple way for me to clear out my expensive Eastern outfits. Once I've worn a sari to a wedding, I can't be seen in it a second time. Now, I can sell them and get a return on my investment...

Shivani, Marketing Manager

I'd totally buy clothes from The Mayyarani! It may have been used by someone else once or twice, but it's new to me - for much, much less! Why should I spend money on a new outfit everytime I have an event to attend?

Shakira, Estate Agent

It's impossible to find these kinds of designer-branded dresses at affordable prices nowadays. A new dress will be a few thousands of rands, and these cost much less plus they're as good as new! It's like the original owner just fitted it on outside of her house for a few hours.

Andrea, Graphic Designer

"How lucky can one girl be? My bulging closets are testimony to my vast travels. From exploring the bazaars and factories in Turkey and Morocco to the boutique-lined streets of Milan's Quadrilatero della Moda - my second home - I've accumulated an incredible wardrobe of luxurious leathers and gorgeous dresses. It's wonderful (and mind-boggling) to rummage through, but hoarding all these rarely-worn garments is also pretty sinful... which is why I started this online shop; a hub for environmentally-conscious women to sell and repurpose the precious stuff we've loved but no longer wear."

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