BUY gently-worn / SELL previously-loved * LIMITED-stock items in one size only * FREE delivery in S.Africa * Call +27(0) 82 666 6696

How to sell

We'd love to add your previously-loved evening wear and luxury garments to our collection by The Mayyarani®.

This is how it works:

1. Please send an email to describing the item and include:

- Your name, contact details and suburb.
- Colour photos of the front and back (full-length). 
You may WhatsApp these pics to 082 666 6696. All other info (below) must be supplied via email as well.
- Designer and/or brand label
- Fabric and/or material make-up
- Size
- Guesstimate the initial price you paid
- Tell us how much money you hope to get back
- Your reason for selling
- Disclose any alterations/modifications made, and known faults. 


2. If we like what we see, and we think our customers will too, we'll make you an offer.

3. You must be willing to leave the garment with us for up to 6 months. 

- You may drop off OR we will collect OR we can arrange collection via a reputable courier service (at your own cost).

4. You will receive payment for the item only after we've sold it.

5. If the garment is not sold within 6 months, you may choose to:

- Leave it with us a while longer
- Have it returned to you (at your own delivery cost)
- Let us donate it to a charity on your behalf


Quality Guideline

Garments will be returned (at your own delivery cost) if they do not meet these criteria:

  • Free from tears, rips, fraying and holes.
  • All hardware (zips, buttons, hooks, etc.) are still in place and working well.
  • Free from unpleasant odours of any kind, including chemical and perfume.
  • No stains, discolouration, mould, fabric pulls and frays, or dirt marks.
  • No missing beads, embroidery, crystals or trims.
  • Professionally altered in an aesthetically-pleasing manner (if applicable).
  • Not damaged or broken in any way.


Please note:

Once we have all the information, we will make you an offer which you can choose to accept or reject. The choice is yours entirely (after all, your garments are symbolic of special moments…) but bear in mind that we absorb all courier costs between us and the end-buyer.

  • Our offers for second-hand clothes are minimal and are not a means to recover your initial cost.
  • Offers are NOT final and are subject to change if garments are damaged or dirty upon inspection.

We also:

  • Commission professional photographs of your garment to display it as flatteringly as possible;
  • Pay for packaging and storage;
  • Add on a percentage fee in order to sustain our business;
  • Market your garment (paid-for advertising) on social media.

All this, and still offer our end-buyers a price that’s reasonable for a second-hand garment.