Nothing stays the same and neither do you. Change is inevitable, so whether your figure has transformed or your style has evolved, you shouldn't have to hang on to garments you no longer wear or want...

Clothing retailer, designer or fashionista? Easily create your own online boutique within our multi-seller boutique marketplace. By signing up you can sell off excess stock and sample pieces, or simply share your exquisite taste to make some money back.

Why sell pre-loved?
  • Make space and clear clutter
  • Get a return on your initial investment
  • Help reduce textile waste by keeping clothes in use for longer

    Set up your e-boutique in a few easy steps:

    1. Sign up as a seller
    Sign up now and get instant access to a dedicated dashboard to manage your profile, products, reviews and sales.

    2. Complete your profile
    Think of this as your storefront. First, add a logo and a banner, and then sum up your style and collection in a way that entices customers to browse further.

    3. Add a product

    To create a listing, you'll need three good-quality photos:

    • Front full-length
    • Back full-length
    • Up-close detail 
    To display your clothes as flatteringly as possible, read our photography guide
    Do your hair and make-up, channel your inner starlet, and have some fun with a photoshoot outdoors or in a lifestyle setting. 
    Note: Clothes must be worn by a model or mannequin.


    Next, log in to your seller profile and enter all the required info, add the product to predefined collections, and set a price. We’ll approve your product once the listing meets all requirements.