Let's donate your old undies to women and girls in need

Umayya Theba
03 Nov , 2020

Donate, don't ditch. I'm talking about your old undies that countless impoverished women and girls would give their left kidney to be able to use... We take our essentials for granted, but have you ever stopped to think what it must be like for women who earn measly wages and can't afford to buy bras and panties that fit well as their bodies evolve (puberty, pregnancy, etc)? Being born female comes with a whole lot of challenges but access to decent underwear shouldn't be one of them.

I've read of innovative uses for old underwear, like using them as scrub rags or pillow filling, composting the cotton parts, or even for creative projects like quilts, weaving rugs, or making funky hair ties, but since time is a luxury and so many appreciative women can benefit from them as they are, I invite you to sort through your drawers and part with the items you no longer wear in a truly sustainable way; contributing to my latest donation box so these can be used longer thus extending the products' life cycle.

I haven't decided exactly where this donation box will go to yet, but there's no shortage of shelters and safe houses for women, so rest-assured that your donated undergarments will definitely reach women and girls in need. And PLEASE, be a decent and considerate human being; only donate items that are in a clean, odourless and wearable condition. DO NOT give items that are ripped/torn, badly stained or stretched. 

To donate, please get in touch and I'll respond with delivery/collection instructions. Feel free to recommend organisations that will welcome this donation for women in need. Simply send an email to info@mayyarani.com with more details.

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